Juggle something five times, and it will go flying!

You'll start with balls and coconuts, but as you finish juggling those, more advanced items will appear. 
Some items have dangerous spots.  Touch those, and you'll get hurt!

The game ends when you drop three items in a row. 
Afterwards, you can see how many items you juggled.


Click an item to juggle it.  You can also click in front of where it's going.

Space - Pause the game.

Q (while paused) - Save and quit
(Note: clearing your cookies will erase save data)

I made the sprites using FireAlpaca, Gimp, and Krita. 
I used LMMS and its sfxr plugin to make sounds and music.
Fonts were obtained from Font Squirrel
I used the Moments Recorder by Chman and Aspect Utility by Eric5h5.

Later, I plan on adding an option to turn off certain items, and an option to skip the first part of the game and start with three items.  Also, some more item varieties.

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