Max Juggle - Release

This is the initial release of Max Juggle!

There are eight types of items:

Coconut - standard juggle item.

Baseball - Standard, but smaller than the coconut.

Torch - Has a dangerous flame on one end.

Leaky water balloon - Gets smaller each time you click on it.

Fire baton - Has a dangerous flame on both ends.

Re-coconut - Two coconut halves taped together.  They do not stay together forever!

Knife - The handle is safe to touch.

Light bulb - Flashes and becomes dangerous at regular intervals.

Known bugs:

- Occasionally, the screen wipe animation that shows when unpausing does not appear the first time.  Cause unknown.

- Occasionally, the first page of items juggled does not appear on the end game screen.  Cause unknown, but I've only seen it after juggling a large number of items.

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Dec 05, 2017

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